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+ King of the Pumpkin Stem + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ King of the Pumpkin Stem +
Hello dears
Happy Halloween!
This little Threadling has come out of his bell jar to remind us all to please keep our pets safe in the house tonight. And also to remind everyone of how wonderful black kitties are. Not just on Halloween, but every day of the year! He feels that today should be national "Kiss a Black Cat" day.
So if you have a black cat, (or any cat) go give it a kiss! I have already mauled mine multiple times.
+ The Watcher + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ The Watcher +
A recently finished commission that I have to admit has been one of the most enjoyable things I have worked on recently. The overall experience was incredibly spiritual and energizing and I am so thankful I was able to work on this piece. During the process I feel like I rediscovered some things in my art which I had let fall by the wayside.

The cat in the painting is particularly special in that she can visit the afterlife and commune with those past. I chose to portray her doing so here while still keeping her eyes on the mortal world and those she loves.

This piece also brought back an old world of mine called "The Gray" a place for dead things and spirits. I used to spend so much time there but have not visited in around nine or ten years. Goodness time goes fast. But I feel like right now revisiting parts of my past is proving to be particularly beneficial to my present (art-wise)

Watercolour on canvas.

My commissions for paintings are currently limited but open. Email me at to set one up!

This painting is copyright to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood 2014
Thank you so much for looking

See a few closeup shots here:…;
+ Swim the Moon + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Swim the Moon +
My now finished goldfish painting based heavily on a goldfish I got to know whilst visiting Arizona last month.  I very, very rarely paint sea creatures although I have upcoming plans to change that....  

Whenever I see a goldfish I think of my friend Nixi and especially the fish in the mural on 12th an Santa Fe in Denver.  Check it out!

This painting is done in watercolour with a moon made of salt and watercolour ground which sticks out from the rest of the piece.  It features real antique watch gears and metallic gold highlights.  The painting a bit under 8 inches and is for sale for $125.  Email me at with questions or to purchase.

This painting is bloodmarked and copyright to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood 2014 Thank you so much for looking! :blackrose:
+ Recycle and Cycle + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Recycle and Cycle +

"Recycle and Cycle"
A piece I did earlier this year during my embryo series which has now just become another part of my worlds as a whole I guess.
This is a special Autumn squirrel embryo whom I thought went particularly well with the season right now.

For custom commissions email me at

Watercolour, metallic pigment and replica clock gears on a circular canvas panel of about eight inches.

This painting is bloodmarked and copyright 2014 to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood.
Thank you for looking! :blackrose:
Bell Jar Threadling by ShePaintsWithBlood
Bell Jar Threadling
Sorry for the lack of uploading!  I am busy with commissions and have been out of town recently but I have gotten the chance to make a few little things such as this!

A Threadling (tiny fully poseable cousins of the Yarnlings) inside a very small bell jar. I wish I could have gotten better photos of her in her environment. She is balanced on one hoof and has a curling section of wire at the back of her head that I like to imagine is a tree. She is jumping through some real mossy stuff as well.

If you want your own Threadling in a tiny bell jar (or even a Yarnling in a large bell jar which I would LOVE to do) email me at to get started on a custom commission! Ones like this are about $25

Yarnlings, Threadlings and their designs are copyright to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood.  Thank you so much for looking! :blackrose:

Hello loves
This Friday I am doing an art show with the very talented Tsairi at a lovely venue in Denver called Happy Leaf Kombucha

And we would be honored if you would come!  It starts at seven PM.  Here is the event page

We will have prints and originals for sale as well.  We hope to see you there!  :blackrose:


Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Wherever I feel like at the moment. Else that dusty place of hate and love.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, preferably 80's. Choiretic Metal, symphony, opera, occasionally new age.
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: I cannot chose.
Shell of choice: The Gray we can hide in.
Wallpaper of choice: Orange or green in surreal please.
Skin of choice: Fur, resin, gray, white, plush
Favourite cartoon character: Banette, Trunks, Zim, Alex Row, San

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Tips Every Artist Should Know!

Don't overuse your eraser, ESPECIALLY when sketching. I hardly use them at all during a sketch, unless I'm refining things or I made a serious mistake. You'll spend less time erasing and more time sketching, and you'll learn how to convert your mistakes into something else. It makes for good practice and it gives your sketch more flow to it (I find, anyway).
And kinda to go along with the eraser part, use light, flowing lines when sketching. Light is easier to mask than dark, and flowing lines are more enjoyable.~LuxDani

I use the above tip more than ever these days since I mostly only draw via ballpoint pen. I have to agree, it really helps you learn to be more careful and get an eye for beauty among messiness.

...Drawing an animal(or human) that you've never drawn before.(like me drawing big cats, or canines) DON'T draw from a cartoon, draw from a photo. Its perfectly alright if you spend an hour looking over dA or the internet, and don't get discouraged, looking for a reference photo is part of the drawing process. Once you find a photo you like make sure that you have the artist's permission to reference it, respect the artist's wishes if they say no! When you have the photo begin blocking in the animal(or person) with simple shapes, if its frustrating find more photos to reference from and practice drawing that creature. The best advice I can offer from that point is don't give up, even if you think your end result looks horrible, stick with it!~HorseCookies

Try mirroring your drawing to see mistakes you didn't notice before. If it's a real life drawing, put it in front of a mirror and look at the reflection. Or, if the paper is thin enough, you can also turn it around and hold it in a way that the light shines through and you can see it from behind... you'll then see a mirrored result too. ~JWiesner

One thing that has really helped me out is asking friends and family to look at a drawing. I've often found that a different set of eyes can pick out mistakes you didn't notice for one reason or another, something that applies to both art and writing. ~Inkwerk

Thumbnail something before you draw it. This is definitely something I tell myself again and again.

I'm one of those people who start with a face and then work the composition from there. Which, while effective, can sort of affect the final outcome. Like writing, drawing can be planned ahead. For big pieces, I draw a small box to represent the piece of paper I'll be drawing on (the actual size of the box depends on what you like, i make mine about a 4th of a page) and sketching in the basic idea. Your subject would be standing here, his background would be so, etc. ~thewintercynic

Try facing your characters a different way than you would normally comfortably draw them in. If you always draw facing to the right, try drawing to the left a few times. It is really excellent to be comfortable with both and cuts down a ton of stress when referencing.~ShePaintsWithBlood

Each of us have unique structure. We're all have different heights, weights, and ways we carry ourselves. As artists this can be a challenge when it comes to portraying our characters. If you can turn them into black silhouetted shapes and others can still tell them apart easily you have succeeded. It shouldn't be because of hairstyle or the outlines of their clothes but rather who they are. This way your characters can be as diverse and dimensional as those in the real world. ~FlameShuken


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