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Commission Info

Please note that I do not take requests. Art is my fulltime career which means sitting at a desk for the majority of the seven days of the week from waking until sleeping and I do not have the time nor resources to devote myself to free projects. Thank you so much for understanding! <3

Commissions are currently open. My prices vary but a lot of my painting prices start at $200. Email me at with any inquiries.


Q: Can I pay for a commission in installments?
A: Installments can often be arranged especially for larger pieces with a deposit at the beginning of the commission.

Q: Do you take fanart commissions of licensed characters? (My Little Pony, Balto, Lion King, etc.)
A: I am sorry but I will not take a commission for any licensed characters.

Q: Will you paint my original character based off My Little Pony, Lion King, etc.?
A: I might consider it provided that you do not ask me to paint in the style of the original creation your character is based on (I will not paint a horse in My Little Pony style nor will I use any licensed trademarks (such as cutie marks)

Q: I have a really amazing idea that needs illustration but I cannot pay you. However, it will be great exposure for you. Will you do it?

A: I am sorry but again I do not have the time nor resources to devote to free projects.

Q: I cannot pay you for my illustration commission but you will receive royalties. Will you do it?

A: You can discuss it with me but chances are I will not be able to do it.

Q: I have an ongoing project that will require a lot of work over time. Can I pay you to be that artist and devote time to an ongoing project?

A: I would be happy to provided the deadlines fit around other paid work and shows I might have committed to.



+ Smoke in the Woods + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Smoke in the Woods +

A small painting I did because so many people have been voting in my current Facebook print giveaway
 for painting videos that I decided to film a quick one on my phone for fun which you can see here 

Sorry about the paint cans that are continuously in the frame. I did not have a tripod setup for my phone so it is balancing on those!

Copyright Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood 2015 :blackrose:

+ Let Her Die + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Let Her Die +
There are times when we must allow a part of ourselves to go. The part we have been feeding with negative energies and the most selfish of human emotions. To let such a body perish breaks the tether on our most basic souls and allows us to start growing again, or to start over altogether like newborn things in the woods.


Prints of this will hopefully be available in a month or so. The original is watercolour and metallic silver pigment on a 30x40 inch canvas. She is for sale for $1000 and I do take payment plans to pay pieces off over time. If you decide to purchase this piece in full, please understand that I will need to borrow it briefly in order to have it professionally photographed for prints before it is given to you.
Email me at with any inquiries

Facebook Stamp by SparkLum Follow my Facebook art page for many more updates as well as behind the scenes and work in progress stuff!

This painting is bloodmarked and copyright to Aria Keehn, 2015
Thank you for looking! :blackrose:
+ Decay + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Decay +


The second in my series of 'Vaguely Seasonal Animals' (I say vague because they are not how I would exactly portray the seasons normally) a batty bat is always a fun thing though, even if a bit common for Autumn.

Autumn to me is a season of decay. I suppose we often think of decay as something that happens after death however there is often a kind of wasting away that occurs just before the body or season as it were, passes away. Perhaps we have to hollow out a bit to make room for the spirits to come and take our souls.

This piece will be up for sale in the Nova Animalia  show at City, O' City on February 10th

Follow my Facebook art page for many more updates as well as behind the scenes and work in progress stuff!

Watercolour on canvas board

This painting is bloodmarked and copyright to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood 2015

Thank you so much for looking! Black Rose
+ Flourish + by ShePaintsWithBlood
+ Flourish +
Having been doing a lot more technical type work with my paintings recently I took a break and allowed myself to freehand directly onto the canvas with little knowledge of what would happen other than that a raccoon would be involved. Of course the raccoon turned into a forest as tends to happen with my creatures. Whilst painting with an old friend last week I watched her create an absolutely epic sprout and I think it stuck in my head because it seems my raccoon also has a sprout. I was also inspired by the suggestion my friend Robyn Emlen made last year to start giving my creatures tattoos so Mr. Raccoon got himself some white ink on his little arms. Can we just pause for a minute to think about the cuteness that is a raccoon arm?

This piece will be up for sale in the Nova Animalia  show at City, O' City on February 10th

Facebook Stamp by SparkLum Follow my Facebook art page for many more updates as well as behind the scenes and work in progress stuff!

Watercolour on canvas board

This painting is bloodmarked and copyright to Aria Keehn ShePaintsWithBlood 2015

Thank you so much for looking! :blackrose:
Just a reminder that I have an Etsy with fine art prints for sale of a lot of my most popular pieces!…;

Also, did you know you can set up payment plans with many of my paintings?  If you have had your eye on something but did not have everything saved up for it at the time I can often split the price up into several month's payments.  Once you have paid the piece off it will be packed up and shipped to you!  Feel free to contact me about any of my available pieces to set up a plan!

Some (but not all) of my current originals for sale~

+ The Redwoods Gray + by ShePaintsWithBlood
Of Life's Breath and the Itch of Death by ShePaintsWithBlood +Within an Owl Graveyard + by ShePaintsWithBlood + Swim the Moon + by ShePaintsWithBlood

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Tips Every Artist Should Know!

Don't overuse your eraser, ESPECIALLY when sketching. I hardly use them at all during a sketch, unless I'm refining things or I made a serious mistake. You'll spend less time erasing and more time sketching, and you'll learn how to convert your mistakes into something else. It makes for good practice and it gives your sketch more flow to it (I find, anyway).
And kinda to go along with the eraser part, use light, flowing lines when sketching. Light is easier to mask than dark, and flowing lines are more enjoyable.~LuxDani

I use the above tip more than ever these days since I mostly only draw via ballpoint pen. I have to agree, it really helps you learn to be more careful and get an eye for beauty among messiness.

...Drawing an animal(or human) that you've never drawn before.(like me drawing big cats, or canines) DON'T draw from a cartoon, draw from a photo. Its perfectly alright if you spend an hour looking over dA or the internet, and don't get discouraged, looking for a reference photo is part of the drawing process. Once you find a photo you like make sure that you have the artist's permission to reference it, respect the artist's wishes if they say no! When you have the photo begin blocking in the animal(or person) with simple shapes, if its frustrating find more photos to reference from and practice drawing that creature. The best advice I can offer from that point is don't give up, even if you think your end result looks horrible, stick with it!~HorseCookies

Try mirroring your drawing to see mistakes you didn't notice before. If it's a real life drawing, put it in front of a mirror and look at the reflection. Or, if the paper is thin enough, you can also turn it around and hold it in a way that the light shines through and you can see it from behind... you'll then see a mirrored result too. ~JWiesner

One thing that has really helped me out is asking friends and family to look at a drawing. I've often found that a different set of eyes can pick out mistakes you didn't notice for one reason or another, something that applies to both art and writing. ~Inkwerk

Thumbnail something before you draw it. This is definitely something I tell myself again and again.

I'm one of those people who start with a face and then work the composition from there. Which, while effective, can sort of affect the final outcome. Like writing, drawing can be planned ahead. For big pieces, I draw a small box to represent the piece of paper I'll be drawing on (the actual size of the box depends on what you like, i make mine about a 4th of a page) and sketching in the basic idea. Your subject would be standing here, his background would be so, etc. ~thewintercynic

Try facing your characters a different way than you would normally comfortably draw them in. If you always draw facing to the right, try drawing to the left a few times. It is really excellent to be comfortable with both and cuts down a ton of stress when referencing.~ShePaintsWithBlood

Each of us have unique structure. We're all have different heights, weights, and ways we carry ourselves. As artists this can be a challenge when it comes to portraying our characters. If you can turn them into black silhouetted shapes and others can still tell them apart easily you have succeeded. It shouldn't be because of hairstyle or the outlines of their clothes but rather who they are. This way your characters can be as diverse and dimensional as those in the real world. ~FlameShuken


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Just a little comment to say, that I love your works, they are amazing <3
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Aww thank you so much!:blackrose:
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Aw, I just saw the feature of my giftart in your FaceBook! Thank you so much, and for mentioning my Patreon too! :hug:
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You are welcome!:blackrose:
JWiesner Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Today I stumpled upon the most amazing hybrid equine EVER.
Oh my God, this is the foal of a zebra and a donkey!…

I want this baby for a pet! ;_; It's so beautiful like a fairy tale creature. Or a donkey wearing fancy socks.

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